15 Attic Closets That Will Make You Want To Renovate Your Space

A walk-in closet is a premium feature whether you have a capsule wardrobe or hardly wear the same thing twice. For someone with few garments, it can create more storage for off-season clothing and bedding, a place for luggage, and a dressing area with elbow room. For a fashionista, it's a favorite zone, offering organization, ample space for pieces to be displayed and stored properly (a condition that lessens damage), and a spot for a makeup vanity and mirrors.

If you have a walk-in closet, you probably wonder how you ever did without it, and you certainly wouldn't want to do it again. Yet, dedicated square footage for a walk-in may be hard to come by in many homes, where large kitchens and common rooms take precedence. To that end, a vacant bedroom makes a perfect usable closet; generally with enough floor space for the necessary hanging and shelving systems, as well as an accent chair. Furthermore, there's usually at least one window for fresh air and natural light. However, when that's not a possibility, an attic conversion is a resourceful solution.  Industrial Metal Rack Shelving

15 Attic Closets That Will Make You Want To Renovate Your Space

The gorgeous attic space shown above (via Instagram) hints at the stylish pieces concealed behind full-length mirrors and lacquered doors. And while it's all beautiful, what's truly required are floor joists that can hold the weight of heavy clothing, adequate height for hanging rods, and good lighting, according to HGTV. The accessories are up to you. Here are 15 attic spaces to inspire your next closet creation.

In this attic closet, the bright shiplap adds much-needed light to a space with only one small window while the wood ceiling contributes warmth. Industrial pipe clothing rods and rustic shelves are paired with a glam mirrored cabinet and chunky wood sconces for a feminine farmhouse vibe.

You would expect nothing less from a bespoke furniture maker than this refined and detailed closet. Segmented hanging areas categorize and define the space, which also features built-in shelving for shoes. Natural wood drawers provide a foil to the cool gray-blue interior while a custom dresser beautifully matches the rest of the millwork. 

A salmon pink settee sets the tone for an elegant closet design that highlights bags and shoes. This space is constructed with a variety of Ikea units, yet the neat and artful display makes it look much more expensive. The other side of the room is a mirror image of curated color and style.

A great mix of elements is deftly combined in this bohemian-inspired closet. Plain white units are filled with earthy colors and bold patterns. An area rug layered over wall-to-wall carpeting feels luxe, as do velvet floor pillows and a hammered brass drum table.

In this narrow galley orientation, sloping walls accommodate drawer and shoe cabinets perfectly while leaving ample space in the middle of the room. White units, light paint, and a window brighten the area and help the tiny closet feel expansive. Substantial matching wood hangers elevate the simple closet design while also providing structure for hanging jackets. 

We don't know if you believe in ghosts, but there's a free spirit in this attic. Emerge at the top of the stairs into another colorful world where bold garments, shoes, and an area rug are set against a pristine white backdrop. It's no surprise the space is in the home of an event planner and creative entrepreneur.  

An attic alcove becomes a streamlined space that offers plenty of storage options, as well as a multitude of details that make the closet feel considered. Units are capped off with crown molding and wallpaper adds a neutral pattern. The crystal chandelier, faux fur throw rug, and shimmery accent pillows are glamorous touches in an otherwise classic design. 

A lush taupe lacquer softly dominates this sophisticated primary bedroom closet transformed from an unclaimed attic area. The interior design firm says, "Giving unused spaces new life, [is] one of our favorite aspects of what we do in design!" They note the client needed to purchase more clothing to fill all the empty nooks and hanging bars.

An attic cranny in a craftsman-style house gets a functional makeover to become usable closet space. Dark wood trim, hardwood floors, and an oversized leather ottoman give the area a casual and warm vibe. Plus, the ottoman is an ideal place to stage the potential outfit of the day (#ootd), fold sweaters, or put on shoes.

When a closet ceiling is painted to resemble the interior of a geode, the rest of the space, and the clothing, simply must rise to the same level. This over-the-top closet by a celebrity designer doesn't disappoint. Smoked glass doors, herringbone hardwood flooring, and a dripping crystal chandelier create a high-end boutique atmosphere at home.

This dressing room-inspired closet in a city apartment feels like a space for a star-studded personality. Sequins, fun and fabulous dresses, and a Hollywood mirror fashion a closet for someone ready for their close-up, yet it's budget-friendly and functional. The rolling clothes rack allows an easy view and access to garments. Additionally, there's abundant jewelry and makeup storage. 

One can almost smell a perfume of spicy and deep floral notes while admiring this sensual closet; it nearly forbids you to imagine what it was before. Exquisitely crafted custom wardrobes are painted graphite black and conceal any clutter within; while the walls, ceiling, and chair envelop the space in midnight blooms. 

This simple closet by a professional organizer has everything one needs: plenty of light, hanging space, storage drawers, and shoe shelving. Headroom is another matter. A pin-board necklace display doubles as a piece of art in the space above the charming lattice window. Soft wall-to-wall carpeting welcomes your feet while musing over what to wear. 

This photo showcases a before and after of a bright and welcoming custom closet installation. The aqua walls and area rug provide natural color in complement to the ivory fixtures, while the classic style is fronted with mirrors. They're wildly beneficial here, offering a multitude of looking glasses, reflecting light, and adding a touch of glam. 

15 Attic Closets That Will Make You Want To Renovate Your Space

Carton Flow System Built-in wardrobe doors and illuminated fixtures are a hallmark of this sleek closet by a custom cabinet maker. The functional design also features visible jewelry storage in a dresser island, integrated shelving, and a vanity area. A plush carpet and ottoman round out a sophisticated and comfortable neutral space that allows garments to take center stage.